Welcome to Kyle Elementary


‚ÄčOn behalf of the entire Kyle staff let me welcome you to Kyle Elementary.  Kyle Elementary School is made up of an incredible staff that works tirelessly to meet the needs of our students, your children.  Kyle Elementary School offers an inviting environment steeped in the belief of following our Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, and Responsibility.  These are not just hollow words, but words that help to encapsulate the culture at Kyle Elementary School.

Additionally, Kyle has a rich tradition in academic success.  Education has changed greatly in recent years, but the Kyle staff has remained steadfast in their determination to put the needs of their students first.  This has resulted in a continued tradition of success surrounded by a warm, caring, and supportive culture.

It has become one of my goals to maintain that level of success and strive for even greater achievement.  The best way I believe to do this is by continuing the Kyle Mission that has brought us collectively to this point. 

Therefore the belief that each child can succeed will remain at the forefront of what we do at Kyle Elementary.  All staff will work collectively to meet the needs of each individual student to help them grow and develop both academically and socially.

We will also remain focused on what it is that our students will need to learn.  Data in correlation with Indiana’s new College and Career Readiness Standards will drive our instruction.  Portage Township Schools has been proactive in its teaching practices and the curriculum maps developed by its teachers have ensured that students will have the skills required to make the transition to the next grade level a successful one.

Ultimately, we know that we cannot do this alone, but that it takes all of us, the students’ school family and personal family working together.  Together we are the foundational building blocks that will support the growth of our students.  This collaborative effort is essential in our students’ academic and social development and a critical cornerstone of our school in the community.

Finally, when you look at each of these components I believe it is clear to see that they all point directly to what we all know is true:  “Kyle Kids Can!”  It is my firm belief that they indeed can and that they will!

Michael Sopko,